Interview with Anne Butterfield

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 A rainy day with full of people in Hannover, Germany, in the afternoon we have an interview with the English writer Anne Butterfield. A friendly figure with eyes that speak suddenly appears in the middle of the rain, the first I knew about her, was through the book of the German Comedian Hape Kerkeling that mentions that he met her in the famous Jacobs Way (Camino de Santiago)I was wondering why people decide to make this Jacobs  Way and to write step by step how this develops. Butterfield author of the book “Ich bin da noch mal hin” ( the tittle and the book is in German language and it was published on April in Germany), in a very nice and interesting talking told us about her experiences, about her book and her life.

 Anne for me is very special to talk with you , I know that you travel around the world Asia, Europe, Central und Latin America you was in my country and my city also Arequipa, Peru. Tell us a little of your travels and your life.
Yes, it was a fantastic travel years ago, I remember I was in Santa  Catalina Monastery in Arequipa, Peru all was white, I was living in Nicaragua some months also and I learned Spanish. I travel a lot, with my parents we use to go to Holidays to Mallorca, I like the culture and to know different languages. When I went to school we had walking trips, we went to Germany and Luxemburg also, we had a teacher that always walking in Georgia that where I am from and we started to walk the country side and that’s when I start to walk when I was 13 years old.
So, you can say that traveling is one of your passions?
Yes it is, to travel and Football is my passion. I studied Biology but I love and I am very interesting about religions too.
In 2001 is the first time you made Jacobs Way, you met Hape Kerkeling, author of the book “ Ich bin dann mal “, Kerkeling talked about  that he met a Biology teacher living in Liverpool. It was the starter of a friendship and the idea of the book?
The friendship with Hape Kerkeling started on 2001 on the Camino , he told me about his life in Germany and I told him stories about my life in England.
When I made the Camino in 2001 I was thinking about my problems, I was walking alone and thinking about myself and when I come back in 2010 I thought I am not going to make that this time, I will stop and search inside myself, I am going to watch what happens and if I can I am going to write about it.
To talk about your book we must start to talk about Jacobs Way, what did you discovered in Jacobs Way to you?
What I discovered in Jacobs Way is that if you stop to think about yourself all the time, if you look outside it is a lot more interesting, but also you start to understand the Jacobs Way. People helps you when you need, people are very nice on the Camino, sometimes you are very tired and you find that people are kind and friendly and I learn that you need help for other people and you cannot exist on your own, that is the most important thing of Jacobs Way and you should remember it when you return to normal life, you have to be open, you have to let people help you and you have to help other people.
How is your program of your reading tour in Germany?
My book was published on April 2012 and it was immediately in the shops, I wanted to see a little more of publicity so I decided to go in a reading tour in Germany; I try to got to have action into my own hands and meet people.
My job is to drive around Germany and read my book and share my experiences of the Camino with the people.
Jacobs Way is a spiritual way, where people have time to think about several things in life. Which are your experiences?
It was 7 weeks and I took my time, I stop for 2 days in several places to meet and talk to people, Lyon is my favorite place on the Camino, one of the important things  is that on the Camino you never meet arrogant people because people that make the Camino always working hard to do it. I will always remember the help that people gave to me.